Nerlens Noel clears the air

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nerlens-noel Nerlens Noel has been making the media rounds today, clearing the air about rumors that his "handlers" were causing problems for his draft stock. Nerlens called into the radio show and said that that simply was not true, and that if anyone's gotten the vibe from him that he's not wholly focused on draft preparation, it's because he's spending all of his time rehabbing his knee to get back in playing form as soon as possible. Nerlens also spoke to USAToday's Steve Kyler, and said that his circle of advisors is limited to his mother, his business manager Chris Driscoll, and now, his agents Andy Miller and Frank Catapano. All of the talk that they're causing problems for him with NBA teams? Overblown.
"That's just what they're saying," Noel said. "This has been the most focused I have been in my life. I've had so many things going on in the last few months from having meetings, to meeting with teams and interviews. Everything has just been so organized for me. They've done a great job by helping me, organizing everything. I've been very fortunate to have them."
While speaking to Matt, Nerlens implied that some of the bad press may have come from the agents he declined to meet with, which he said he did because he's dedicating all of his time to his rehab in Birmingham, Alabama. Why Birmingham?
"I could have stayed in Boston," Noel said. "But the first thing was I wanted to be with the best. Kevin Wilk is known as the best and I just want to come back from this injury as strong as possible. If I had to move to China, I would have. I just want to be with the best and work as hard as I can to come back."
As for his weight, which dipped as low as 206 at the NBA Draft Combine? Nerlens says it's back up to 218, thanks to his mom flying down and cooking for him two to three times a day. Check out Nerlens' appearance on KSR:

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