Nerlens Noel just wants to be Nerlens Noel

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In the 2010-11 season, Brandon Knight had the unfair task of filling John Wall's shoes at point guard for Kentucky. He felt the pressure the moment he stepped on the court for Kentucky and there wasn't anything he could do to avoid it. Nerlens Noel can expect to feel the same pressure this fall when he replaces Anthony Davis in the paint. And just like Knight in 2010, Noel will play his own game and shrug off expectations to be as good as his predecessor. "There's some pressure but, I believe, I'll definitely go in the gym everyday, play my own game, no matter what," Noel told at the adidas Nations event this past weekend. "Everybody around me; Coach Cal, he's going to keep me level and I'm going to go in there and play my own game." Now that he's completed his summer coursework at Everett, the next order of business for Noel is getting down to Lexington to join his teammates, who already have a head start working out. He said, "I'm ready to get down to Kentucky and start really working and getting in the shape I want to be for the season. I'm ready to get to work with the guys and get the chemistry going and compete." Noel will move into the Lodge with his new family on August 19. [HoopsWorld]

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