Neutral site game: Nashville or Indy?

Neutral site game: Nashville or Indy?

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 9 years


It looks like the Cats are still planning to add a marquee non-conference game at a neutral site next season, with two possible sites being tossed around: Nashville and Indianapolis. I am biased, but let's break down the two cities by pros and cons: "Nashvegas" Bridgestone Arena Potential opponents: Texas, ? Distance from Lexington: approximately 3.5 hours PROS - Great downtown atmosphere around the arena (Broadway, 2nd avenue) - Huge Nashville-area Kentucky fanbase - Honky Tonks CONS - Been there, done that? Cats will play Vandy there next season, as well as the SEC Tournament. - Venue not as big (seating capacity 19,000 for basketball) Indy Lucas Oil Stadium Potential opponents: Michigan State, Ohio State Distance from Lexington: approximately 3.5 hours PROS - Home of the NCAA headquarters, which would provide a great "stick it to the man" atmosphere if the BBN shows up in force (they will) - More tickets (seating capacity 70,000 for basketball) - Peyton Manning sightings CONS - Not (immediately) downtown, area surrounding the stadium not as lively as Nashville's Broadway/2nd avenue - Poorer views/sight lines Where would you rather go for a neutral site game? Or, does it depend on the opponent?

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