New MixTape Featuring UK Targets; CJ Leslie Diary; YouTube Channel & Ricardo Ratliffe Interview

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Aritcle written by:Dustin RumbaughDustin Rumbaugh
The Best of the 2009-10 HoopMixTape was released recently and features a lot of guys on UK's radar. CJ Leslie, Josh Selby, Chris Hill and Deuce Bello are the most relevant but you'll also probably be interested in KC Ross-Miller, Perry Jones, Dominique Ferguson and Will Barton. Altogether is a pretty nice mix of some of the more athletic moves of the season so far. Also, CJ Leslie is doing a player diary bi-monthly with 2kSports. In the first installment, CJ talks about UK's win over North Carolina (which he seems pretty pumped about) and also talks about John Wall staying in his ear about attending Kentucky, which you gotta like hearing. I say that as if we could love our little J-Wally anymore.... Lastly, if you liked some of the videos that I've posted lately with interviews and highlights of some UK recruits, you can subscribe to a YouTube channel that I created that will be devoted to UK basketball recruiting. Throughout the rest of my time here at the legendary Kentucky Sports Radio, I'll be doing as many of these videos as I'm able to (some tournaments restrict the making of video recordings). You can either create a YouTube account and subscribe or get the RSS feed of the channel, either should keep you up to date. Personally, I've always liked seeing more of the personal side of these recruits, getting a face to go along with the name and seeing how they react to certain questions, etc. I hope you guys feel the same and enjoy some of the content so far. My camera/editing skills should get better as time progresses...I hope. Through the YouTube channel, I'll also be "favoriting" other videos on YouTube that are of interest to UK fans. I see a lot of clips that I'd like to post but I can't post them all. This should allow for me to search out and pass along more highlight clips and interviews that I otherwise couldn't. For instance, you can check out this video that I just added to the favorites of UK's new JUCO target, #1 JUCO recruit Ricardo Ratliffe, where he discusses topics VERY on point with UK's new interest in his services.

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