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radio When you head out to catch the UK game this week, once you get past the obvious questions of "Just how many dreams make up this concrete jungle?" and "How brand new will I feel?" and "Just how inspiring are all the bright lights anyway?", you'll likely face the conundrum of where to let your UK fanhood loose prior to, during and after the Madison Square Garden matchup with UConn.  Was that the longest sentence in KSR history?  Maybe.  Anyway, don't feel uncomfortable just because you're away from home (some of you).  The NYC University of Kentucky Alumni Association is ready to welcome their Big Blue Brothers and Sisters from across the globe with an official party that you'd be better for attending.  Find the guy in the picture above and he's promised to buy you a beer or three. So, be early, be loud, leave late and....I can't remember the rest of the shirt I saw this weekend.  But I liked it.  We've already rocked Rupp and now we're headed to Madison Square Garden!  And then we're going to Bloomington!  And then we're taking back the SEC!  Beeeeeyahhhhh!!!!!!!! Here are the details: When:   Wednesday, December 9th - As early as you feel like pre-gaming Where:  Jack Demsey's 36 West 33rd Street Between Broadway and 5th Avenue Look for the UK flags Only two blocks from MSG Specials: $10 Pitchers $4 Shots Food Specials Raffle Prizes to benefit NYC Scholarship Foundation T-Shirt sales and more to come Also, just for fun, here is the NYC Alumni Group enjoying the Cats' victory over UNC on Saturday.  The really good stuff starts at the :50 mark.

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