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Matt Jones12/07/05


Article written by:Matt Jones
Lots going on in the world of sports and life, and I would hate for you to miss out. There are lots of things coaches should not have to deal with. I think any coach at a major university should assume that his kids will go to class, be honest citizens, and not punch their teammates in the face, breaking their jaw. Apparently however, the folks at TCU dont have that luxury. Now that Gene Keady has exited the college basketball game, I am left at a loss as to what to do about my fascination with combovers. Combovers represent the best of America as it showcases our insistence on vanity, no matter the absurdity of our methods. It seems as if another website agrees with me and has devoted a great deal of space to a study of coaches and their combovers. I highly recommend. We dont usually do the NFL here on Kentucky Sports Radio, but I have to admit to finding a great deal of amusement in the utter debacle going on with the Detroit Lions. Things have gotten so bad in the Motor City, that backup QB Jeff Garcia is having his girlfriend call into local radio stations and defend her man's honor against those mean, nasty radio hosts. Nice to know that he has support. You may have thought to yourself, what if the 1985 Bears had not done the Super Bowl Shuffle, but rather had tried a more mellow tune? And then what if instead of them doing the song, it had been done by white Canadiens, with bushy moustaches and careers in hockey? If you ever had that thought, I bring you the 1987 Calgary Flames (very appropriate name) video entitled "Red Hot". After you hear this, see if you can get that catchy chorus out of your head. "You CANT TOUCH A FLAME IF ITS RED HOT!!!" How would you like to be Luke Walton? You may say, of course I would enjoy that! I mean he is a decent looking guy, he plays for the LA Lakers and he is old enough that he doesnt have to spend much time with his dad Bill Walton unless he wants to. But what if I told you that he doesnt have enough credibility to be allowed to stay on the field for the USC v UCLA game. Not so glamorous now huh? Finally, a word for all of you may not have be the best of students. You may think to yourself, how come it is that I have difficulty in school, but others dont? Well dont speak so fast. Recently the former dean of Stanford Law School and a noted constitutional scholar of national appeal failed the California bar exam. And you think your screw-up at work was embarrasing! Until next time....

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