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Matt Jones11/02/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
Well the big story in UK land (we try and ignore the Cards) is the win tonight of UK over Lindsey Wilson, 94-54. I have a detailed game report below (if you click here from another link, just insert and scroll down), and it was a great game to watch. The freshmen looked SOLID, the Cats had a crisp, up tempo offense that has to make everyone happy and, exciting to us, Martin Newton called Mark Coury, Napoleon Dynamite. Now those of you who are long time followers of the blog, know that we were the first to get you a picture of Mark Coury, and we named him Napoleon Dynamite. So Martin, you must be a blog reader and we salute you with a picture of "Newton Martin Curtis", a Civil War General. Enjoy. Friday is of course a big day for us as we debut on ESPN Radio, 1570 AM in Louisville from 6-8 pm. Now here is what we want you folks to do. Even if you dont live in the area, we are going to be taking calls from 6:20 pm on. So call in.....this is your chance to talk to the group and also to help us out. We want it to be a happening show and lots of callers can make that happen. So even if you cant hear, call us and we will get you on. The numbers are 1-800-510-ESPN and 502-589-4747. Start calling around 6:20-8 pm and we would love to have you on. Also Saturday is the White Castle Challenge. We have eight contestants and it is shaping up to be quite an event. It will begin at 11:30 AM in the ORANGE lot of Commonwealth Stadium, next to the folks who tailgate from It is on the side of the stadium close to Nicholasville road and if you are walking from Nicholasville Road, you will pass the entrance. We will have a map on here tomorrow. Please stop by....see Hubby perform and meet those of us from the show. IT should be fun. NOW....onto the news..... (1) Marshall Moses DID NOT receive his test score as of today. While I can get no official word that the visit is off, one has to think that it will be difficult for it to happen at this time. Moses took the ACT, not the SAT, so the chatter that the score would be online today is not correct. Marshall plans to visit as soon as the results come in, but as of now, no test. Let me tell you how much this kid wants to come to Kentucky this weekend. He is considering riding with his father to Lexington for the UK football game on Saturday, on his own expense, just so he can come. This kid is special. For those of you that have seen Marshall play, you know this kid's potential. He would be a STUD at UK and I sure hope that this stuff gets worked out soon. Moses is about to BLOW UP nationally....I really believe that. It would be great to have him as a UK commitment when it happens. (2) Lots of chatter today about Jai Lucas being a "done deal" to Maryland. Of course there was lots of chatter the other week about Greg Swaim saying he was "100% certain" that he was going to Oklahoma State. I spoke once again with my best source on this. I was assured that nothing has changed at all. I was also assured that if something changes, we will find out. I understand folks are nervous about this one, but it will all be over next week. You will not hear me say that it is a "done deal" or that I "guarantee" anything. All I can say is that I have been told that as of today, just like as of yesterday and last week and last month, UK is the leader. (3) You have noticed a lack of news on here about Patrick Patterson. This is not because I have any less confidence about Patrick or anything of the sort. IT is because I Simply have nothing to say about him. The Patterson recruitment has always been difficult to read. I am still being told it is UK and Florida, but at this point, I honestly dont think anyone truly knows. The Pattersons are serious about this process and no one has the total grasp on the situation. IF I hear anything that may be reliable, I will let folks know....but for now there is little to report. (4) Finally, I think next week will be a week of huge news. I think we may find out where Lucas ends up and what status Ramon Harris and Marshall Moses will have with UK. Plus you have another UK exhibition game and we move closer to opening night. Things are about to get REAL FUN and I certainly hope that all the fans, both those that have had misgivings about the program, the players, the coaches and those that have been unabashed supporters will really come together and get ready for the ride. This is the most exciting time of the year to me as this team just reeks potential, and I hope it is for you as well. Come on board, cause we here at Kentucky Sports Radio are ready to get going. Show Friday, White Castle Contest Saturday, Podcast taping Sunday, Exhibition Game Monday.....WOO HOOOO!

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