NFL Cat quick hitters

Hunter Campbellalmost 11 years


connerjets A few links to keep you updated on some of the happenings for former Cats that are now playing their football on Sundays... --You read earlier today about Jacob Tamme becoming the starting tight end for the Colts in the wake of Dallas Clark's season-ending injury. Well, Tamme won't be the only former Cat getting a promotion to the top of the depth chart, as second-year offensive lineman Garry Williams has been named a starter at right tackle for Carolina's game this weekend against San Francisco. The Panthers are shuffling their offensive line a bit, and as someone who drafted Jonathan Stewart for my fantasy team, I can say that's probably a good idea. The start will be the first of Williams' career, and here's to hoping he sticks. --On the other side of the coin, Wesley Woodyard will not play for Denver this Sunday against Oakland. He missed last week's game with a hamstring injury and won't return for the division matchup. Trevard Lindley also missed last week's game for Philly, although I can't seem to find confirmation one way or the other if he'll play this Sunday against the Titans. Sue me. --The pocket book of the most talented of KSR's defensive linemen, Jeremy Jarmon, is a little lighter these days after being fined by the NFL. After sitting out the first four games of the year, Jarmon got to play two weeks ago in a Redskin win over Green Bay, eventually getting a hit on Aaron Rodgers that led to the game-winning interception. Unfortunately, the hit also led to Rodgers getting a concussion and the NFL levied a $5,000 fine against Jarmon for helmet-to-helmet contact. However, each member of the KSR staff has agreed to donate 10% of their salary to help pay the fine, which should ease the burden a little. --And now for something that doesn't qualify so much as news as it does an affirmation of how badass John Conner is. In light of the stricter penalties the NFL will be handing out for illegal hits, BetUs published odds on who will be the first player suspended under the new rules. The favorites? Ray Lewis, Brian Dawkins and, you guessed it, The Terminator. Now, I'm not trying to advocate illegal hits, but I am trying to advocate John Conner lighting people up. He's a monster. Even Vegas knows to be afraid. That's it. Go back to your shanties.

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