NFL Fans... Get Ready

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Since the 2007 season, I’ve been a Patriots fan.  As I made clear to Matt this weekend, it’s not that I’m a bandwagon fan per se, I just thought the whole cheating thing was really funny.  What with grown men acting like elementary schoolers, and then Belichick taking it out on everyone else in the NFL.  Come on, it was funny. I’m fairly alone in this school of thought, though, as living in Lexington I’m privy to viewing fans of just three teams.  On Campus, you will find either Colts fans (whom I try to hate, even though I have to admit that Peyton can be pretty awesome,) Bengals fans (who only come around once ever four years, but when they do, they’re everywhere,) or the occasional Steelers fan (I’m looking at you Coach Cal.)

So Steelers fans, look out this spring, because while your season finale may be this Sunday, look for your team to be gearing up for the post season, the only way they know how.

In case you haven’t seen the original, check it out here.

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