NFL Mock Draft Roundup: Lynn Bowden to the Patriots?

NFL Mock Draft Roundup: Lynn Bowden to the Patriots?

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Less than a week away from the main event, NFL Mock Drafters are getting bolder and bolder. Once limiting their projections to just the first round, they've put on their big boy pants to go seven rounds deep. Where do the Wildcats fall? It's really all over the place. Entering draft season, the consensus was that Lynn Bowden and Logan Stenberg were each projected anywhere from the third to fifth rounds, with the potential to hear their name called near the start of day two. As you'll see, that's changed for mock drafters who aren't keeping their ears low on the UK beat. The most intriguing match in this process comes from  the fine folks at Sports Illustrated. They project Bowden falling, but it's not a disastrous fall, finding a home in the fourth round with the New England Patriots. Even though Tom Brady has departed, Bill Belichick is perfectly capable of keeping that dynasty rolling, especially if he can find a versatile gem in the later stages of the draft. It's not difficult to foresee a scenario where Bowden thrives as a part of "The Patriot Way." You may or may not like the fit. There are plenty of other options to see where each player might be picked next week, but as I shared earlier today, mock drafts have never been more unpredictable.

Sports Illustrated

  • Logan Stenberg: 4th round, No. 118 to the Denver Broncos Broncos
  • Lynn Bowden: 4th rounds, No. 125 to the New England Patriots

CBS Sports

In this scenario, Stenberg teams up with Matt House and the defending Super Bowl Champs to block for Patrick Mahomes.
  • Logan Stenberg: 4th round, No. 138 to the Kansas City Chiefs
  • Lynn Bowden: 4th round, No. 145 to the Philadelphia Eagles

Any scenario where Wildcats play for the Titans, Drew Franklin is a happy man. Stenberg's favorite NFL team as a child in North Alabama was the Titans. Why not Titan up?
  • Logan Stenberg: 5th round, No. 171 to the Tennessee Titans
  • Lynn Bowden: 5th round, No. 171 to the Houston Texans

Sporting News

Sporting News has been canceled for hating the Wildcats so much. People aren't going to forget about Bowden until the seventh round compensatory picks. It's just not happening.
  • Logan Stenberg: 5th round, No. 163 to the Chicago Bears
  • Lynn Bowden: 7th round (compensatory) No. 248 to the Houston Texans

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