NFL Reporters Claim Matt House Wanted to Take Chiefs Job, But UK Would Not Allow a Buyout

Jay Winklerover 2 years


Aritcle written by:Jay WinklerJay Winkler


UK fans rejoiced last night when it was revealed that defensive coordinator Matt House was staying in Lexington. House had been under consideration to become the LB coach for the Kansas City Chiefs, but instead, he will help usher in the next generation of Wildcat defenders. After this news broke, however, reports trickled out that House had actually wanted to take the NFL job, but UK officials stepped in and shut that option down. If UK did go back on their agreement to let House out of his contract... that's not ideal in terms of employee satisfaction. But considering the success of the Cats' defense last season, it's understandable that UK would want to keep House in-house. Hopefully it turns out that the agreement for House to stay was more mutual, but if not, let's just hope the coaching staff can stay cohesive enough to foster a new crop of talent. @JayWinkKSR

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