Nice Weather's Late Night Notes

Matthew Haysover 9 years


Aritcle written by:Matthew HaysMatthew Hays
Instead of saluting Malcolm X on his birthday, I figured that I'd pay respects to the fact that the weather is nice. I don't know how it's been for you guys in Lexington or elsewhere around the many corners of the world that the KSR readership inhabits, but in Evanston it just got nice and it looks like the weather will probably stick around. It probably won't, but it's nice to hope. There's nothing I love more than when it's warm outside and if I had my way then there would be absolutely no precipitation. Just hot, sunny days all year long. Get on that, mad scientists. - Generally, no news is good news except when you write for a blog serving a very niche market that prides itself on posting on the hour seven days a week. However, there isn't much else to expect from the offseason so we take what God gives us, like warm weather. - Montrezl Harrell finally got his release from Virginia Tech and he was immediately contacted by UK. According to Harrell's father, he has been in touch with Orlando Antigua and said that Coach O told him that the Cats would like to 'throw their hat in with the other schools' pursuing him. I have to imagine that UK's hat dwarfs the other hats. The Cats could certainly benefit from Harrell's size and highly aggressive play. As of now, it seems like nearly every piece is in place except another reliable big man. Put that hat on, Montrezl. You know you want to. - In other news, Matt tweeted out a picture from Nike welcoming Michael Kidd-Gilchrist to the brand. The best thing about that is that Nike makes a shoe that I would actually buy. If MKG gets a shoe deal, it's sure to be a more appealing product than whatever Reebok could do for John Wall. Plus, if he tears his ACL in a playoff game, no shoe designers will mock him. - Andy Katz wrote on what Coach K had to say about what Anthony Davis could bring to the US national team:
Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said Kentucky’s Anthony Davis -- the consensus No. 1 pick in the upcoming NBA draft -- brings shot-blocking, something the U.S. Olympic team may need this summer in London. Davis’ chances have risen due to the injury to Orlando’s Dwight Howard. Krzyzewski said Davis isn’t “trying out” for the team; rather, Davis is now in the pool of players who may be selected. Krzyzewski said it would be good to get Davis indoctrinated right away into USA Basketball. “He’s a great talent and a good kid," Krzyzewski said. “Hopefully we don’t get any more guys hurt."
Could you imagine if Davis were to make the team and possibly win a gold medal? Would there be a 19-year-old that had a more awesome year in the entire world? I doubt it. - Apparently the ACC is dead. - Last year, Danny Trevathan and Stuart Hines went on a service trip to Ethiopia with Joker Phillips and Mitch Barnhart as well as some others in the athletic department and both were profoundly affected by the experience. WKYT is reporting that the trip will be happening again this year with Mikie Benton, Larry Warford and Matt Smith making the trip. This is a really cool opportunity and I'm glad our guys get a chance to serve as ambassadors for the Big Blue Nation on an international stage. Be safe, fellas. Well, I guess there was some news, but not that much. We'll be generating some great stuff for you guys tomorrow. Enjoy the nice weather if you've got it and if you don't, make your way to somewhere that does.

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