Nick Fazekas and Nevada for real

by:Matt Jones12/01/05

Not sure how many of you are up and watching the Kansas-Nevada game, but the other WolfPack are for real. A couple of years ago they beat Kansas when Kirk Snyder was on board, and now they are led by the unreal Nick Fazekas. With the changing college basketball climate, these mid-major schools are only going to improve as the years go on. Because all of the top stars are going to be heading to college, schools like Norht Carolina are going to have years like this one, where they are decimated by people leaving. That leaves a hold and the Nevadas of the world may fill in.

This game is a textbook example of how these schools can compete, and I will throw out early that the Cats have to be careful or their game against Ohio may contain another example.

In other news, I hope you saw the end of the game where a Kansas coach cursed at Nick Fazekas during the post-game handshake. Now that is a level of maturity that you dont often see. One wonders if Bill Self could be staring at some difficulty.

***UPDATE**** It looks as if Kansas officials now feel they have to apologizefor the incident.

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