NIT bracket projection <i>*cringe*</i>

Stuart Hammerover 8 years


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goodwin-uga I'll be the first to tell you, I think Kentucky gets a bid to the NCAA Tournament. I know the outlook seem bleak, but there are loads of bubble teams that aren't doing themselves any favors either. And judging by the blind résumé comparison posted here earlier, many of you think Kentucky has what it takes to beat out a number of other bubble teams too. But, god forbid, Kentucky's name isn't called tomorrow evening during the selection show, here is what we have to look forward to: NIT-BRACKET (click for a higher resolution image) The projection comes from The NIT Bracket Project, which evidently exists to project the field of the National Invitational Tournament... Believe it. The projection says California, Ole Miss, La Salle, and Tennesse are the last four to make it to the big dance, meaning Kentucky falls to a 1-seed in the NIT. It's not pretty, I know. We'll just pretend like this post never happened after we hear Greg Gumbel utter the words "Kentucky" at the CBS anchor desk.

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