Hate to preach to the choir, but I don't even think Oscar Combs can put positive spin on this loss. Rondo-- Matt's source confirms what our eyes are seeing: Rondo does NOT want to be here, and could care less if we win or lose. He's a kid who had a serious attitude problem in high school, drawing many T's by running his mouth. I doubt he's opened his mouth once since arriving at UK, rather saving his displeasure by giving half effort. His subtraction at seasons end will be addition, I believe. It's a similar situation to Anthony Roberson's departure at Florida. Right now, he has as much chance as playing in the NBA as Stevie Wonder does becoming a sniper. Dust off that History book you've probably never opened, and start brushing up on Europe. Crawford-- People love to compare him to Bogans. I think he has a better arsenal than Keith, but we're all sill waiting to see some sort of sense of desire. Bogans busted his keister on every play, if you say Crawford does the same than you obviously haven't been watching. I would love to see him start posting up these smaller guards, a la Ron Mercer. Bradley-- Eddie Murphy's future stunt double he may be, but is often times our only option on offense. Usually has about a 2:1 good play/dumb play ratio, something he must improve on if he expects to run the team next year. Thomas-- has far exceeded Woo in becoming the worst player who plays over 15 minutes a game in a major conference. First off, I don't think he could dunk with a trampoline and a Fisher-Price goal, and his footwork is reminiscent of a death-row inmante walking the last mile. Woo-- I've moved passed anger, and now feel pity for the 'Pliable Pol'. You have to like his personality and he really wants to contribute, but his 7'1 frame was built without one ounce of basketball ability. Sparks-- Woke up this morning and must have seen Ron Jeremy staring back at him. Stop penetrating!! If we had big men that could catch a pass inside that would be one thing, but when you pick up your dribble in the paint, it's game over. Still, he plays hard 'til the final horn, so that makes him unique. Keep shooting... Perry-- Didn't play all that terrible, but I have some info that, if you're reading this Bob, might be beneficial: click here. Sims-- He still goes here? Moss-- Deserves better than this almost as much as he deserves a scholly over anyone else on this team. Morris-- I say we sit him the first 10 minutes of the first half, so he won't get his 4th until halftime. Way to be heady out there champ. Tubby-- I know you probably don't like half of this team, and I know you can't help it that your PG has the likability of a Zima at a frat party, but you have failed this year. The kids (can't) are scared to shoot, out of shape, clueless, and folding. You get millions a year to motivate, and get maximum effort if nothing else, every game. Find a rotation, a gameplan, and players that will hustle, and stick with it. Your definintion of basketball is as innovative as jiffy-pop, look at what the top teams are doing and, heaven forbid, ADJUST!

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