No apology needed, Coach Cal is right

No apology needed, Coach Cal is right

Drew Franklinalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


I'm tired of all this criticism and the public apologies from last night's tirade. The fact of the matter is, Coach Cal is right. Terrence Jones is a (expletive) selfish (expletive). Of course, Coach Cal would like to have those words back - or at least not have them on national TV - but that doesn't change the fact that he meant exactly what he was saying.  Again, Terrence Jones is a selfish (expletive). Seeing Calipari lose his cool on Terrence Jones last night makes me wonder how bad it really is between the two.  Think about it, this is a guy who coached the supposedly uncoachable Demarcus Cousins last season and never lost control.  Not once did Calipari run off the bench throwing f-bombs at Big Cuz.  You know why?  Coach Cal doesn't drop f-bombs and he's always in control.  Always, until last night. I don't know of anyone who chooses their words better than Calipari.  And despite what some of you think, you'll very rarely get an f-bomb out of him in practice. VERY rarely. So for him to throw a flurry of them at Jones last night, you know he meant business.  It's not like Jones was back-talking or mouthing off to provoke his coach either. He's too quiet for that. His play on the court brought on that verbal onslaught. You can agree or disagree with Coach Cal's choice of words on your own, but this guy right here sees nothing wrong with it.  Terrence Jones is a selfish (expletive) and I wouldn't mind seeing him be reminded of that more often.  Last night wasn't the first time this season he was ballhogging.  He's done it all year.  We just don't always notice because the kid can flat out score.  It's okay when he's scoring 35 against Auburn, but when he's 3-17 against UNC we have problems.  Until he learns to share the ball and pass out of the double/triple team, Kentucky is only going as far as Jones' "me first" game will take them.  And I'd rather rely on Coach Cal's offense than the play of one guy.  I don't care who it is. Stay on that (expletive), Coach Cal.  We're gonna need that (expletive) to get it going soon.  We have a (expletive) SEC (expletive) Championship to win. Go (expletive) Cats.

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