No more Kobe IXs in the SEC Tournament please

Drew Franklin03/11/17


Article written by:On3 imageDrew Franklin


SEC-8345 It's time to throw away those pairs of Kobe IX shoes. Today, De'Aaron Fox slipped all over the place in the beginning of the game while wearing a pair. He switched to a new pair -- a different colorway of the same shoe, for some reason -- and held it together a little better, with help from additional Bridgestone Arena floor-wipers that were called in for emergency assistance. SEC-8342 Now I don't know why or how I remember this, but James Young was wearing the Kobe IX in the 2014 SEC Tournament. And do you remember how that one ended? Young slipped and fell on a potential game-winning drive to the basket on the final possession of the game: Soooooo let's not wear those in Nashville anymore. They clearly don't mesh well with the Bridgestone floor.

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