No Your Enemy: Georgia Bulldogs

No Your Enemy: Georgia Bulldogs

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Matthew Stafford trying to recreate a Creed video Lookit, Jones has gone all Grandma-on-top-of-the-table-cause-she-is-afraid-of-the-mouse-where-in-this-case-the-mouse-actually-represents-the-election on us and is today harder to find than Swift's Silver Mines. As a punishment result, you have been left with a titillating post from none other than Ideal Party Politician Mosley*, in an effort to occupy the lot of you until Matt gets up the nerve to return to the warm confines of this here computer blog. * Get it? I'm the Ideal Candidate! Great, simply great comedy there. Bud Abbott would have laughed heartily. To that end, I will now drop some knowledge on you chumps regarding the Georgia Slobbering JowelHounds. No, this isn't a complete Know Your Enemy, where you would be bombarded with detailed information about every facet of the Georgia program. It is just a bit of a teaser as this Friday's Know Your Enemy will be about another foe who is every bit as vicious and dangerous as the Georgia short-legged dogs: The Ouachita Baptist Whatevertheirmascotis. Therefore, since you won't be getting a UGA KYE this FRI, I thought I would pass along a few notes and have you "bark"* at me in the comments section about not putting up a full KYE on the Dawgs. *bark, because we are playing the Georgia BULLDOGS! Do you get it? Seriously folks, with brilliance like this, how am I not a million votes ahead in the balloting right now. 1. Poll found on Atlanta Journal-Constitution site with question and results: "Are you concerned with the number of times Knowshon Moreno appears to take himself out of the game?" Yes: 68.10% No: 31.90% 2. Georgia's kicker has missed 5 out of his last 8, but Richt claims his job isn't in jeopardy. Lest we wallow in our own self-pity and forget that others have problems, too. 3. Remember that big offensive lineman that was really fast and visited Kentucky? No? Phonetically, his name was not only 3 letters, but also a palindrome--J.K. Jay. Well, according to the AJC, he's not probable to wind up a Cat. And there you have it, your backgrounder on the Wildcats' latest opponent, Georgia. Thank you and don't forget...Vote Quimby!

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