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There is no joy in Owensboro this morning, for the mighty Bisons have dropped their home opener to the Eastern Ky. Coalminers. It was a valiant effort by the Bisons, who were without Kentucky University's Brandon Stockton after he suffered a foot injury in practice this week, but they couldn't knock off Wayne Turner's squad. And, for all of you dirty 'Boroans, it seems like the player who will now be known as "Mancrush Lamar" is having a little bit of an ego issue. But, being the heroes that they are, the Bisons will carry on and fight the good fight again on Sunday against the same Knoxville Thunderbolts that they knocked off 126-87 in their season opener.  Bisonheads will unite at the Owensboro Sportscenter at 2:00 pm for an ABA Afternoon Delight.

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