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Anyone else enjoy the great paradox of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour? Don't get me wrong, those guys are good (two years ago anyway), but putting a singing bass in your private jet does not a redneck make, Foxworthy. I've also always wondered what Larry the Cable Guy does in his off time. You know, when he's not exhausting an entire day of Comedy Central programming waxing about flea market defecation, bass boat urinating, and benign skin growths. Used to be, I thought he sat on his tractor and worked the land his daddy so painstakingly harnessed years ago. Or, perhaps he simply likes a cooler of Busch and a line. Needless to say, in the words of fellow Blue Collared comrade Ron White, "I was WRONG." Here's a clip of LTCB before Insight or Hank Williams Jr. ever came-a-callin'. Who couldn't see this one coming...

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