Norm MacDonald's Book's Thursday Morning Wakeup

Norm MacDonald's Book's Thursday Morning Wakeup

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norm I'm not a book guy. Never have been. I read the entire Goosebumps series as a child and then shut it down after that. Books just aren't my thing. I've read one book in the last decade (Slaying The Tiger -- good stuff) but that number will soon become two, thanks to a new release from Norm MacDonald. Norm, who I think is absolutely hilarious in everything he does, has written a memoir called Based On A True Story and it's coming my way today via Amazon Prime. Deadspin shared an excerpt yesterday that has me excited to shut out the world to sit down with Norm for however long it takes me to read the whole thing, which is probably a long time since I don't remember how to read books. So if I go missing for the next week, don't worry about me (not that any of you would), just know I'm curled up by the fire in my robe with my corn cob pipe in one hand and Based On A True Story in the other. Until then, I'll be diving into the black YouTube hole of old Norm videos because he's the best.   Drew Barker to miss a "significant amount of time." Word leaked all over the interwebs Wednesday afternoon that Drew Barker's back injury would require surgery and keep him out the remainder of the season; however, Mark Stoops was quick to shoot that rumor down in his post-practice Q&A. Stoops said his quarterback will not need surgery at this point in time, but the injury will keep Barker out for the foreseeable future. "The next two, three, four weeks," Stoops said. Patrick Towles tweeted his Ts and Ps to Barker. Good to see the former Cat supporting his former teammate and QB competition. I'm still a huge Towles supporter and I don't care who knows it. Go Patty Ice. (Beat Louisville in five weeks.) Damien Harris, too. Gunnar Hoak officially named the backup. The staff had hoped to redshirt true freshman Gunnar Hoak, but they're preparing him for action as the new No. 2 man on the depth chart. Stephen Johnson is obviously the fill-in for Barker, and now they're asking Hoak to, like Johnson, be prepared to go at any moment. Hopefully it doesn't come to that and Johnson stays injury-free and touchdown-prone as the starter. He'll certainly be tested by Muschamp's D in two days. Stoops was Level 10 pissed at his defense yesterday. Kentucky's defense has been nothing short of terrible through three games and fans are praying to the heavens it improves before it's too late. Those prayers won't be answered anytime soon, if Stoops' comments are any indication of how the defense is progressing ahead of the Carolina game. Stoops said, "I thought we practiced the way we should practice yesterday, and I thought we absolutely regressed today, and that’s our problem. That’s our problem. Until we get it changed, we’re gonna have the same darn results that we have in that stadium which is bull crap. So until we grow up and get a mentality about us and have some guys step up and get tougher, then we’re gonna look like the same bunch of crap." He also said some players need to grow up in a hurry; they're not tough and they're not smart; and they've got a long way to go. "Defensively, were not very good." Stoops also looked pretty upset on last night's SEC Film Room. screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-10-30-57-pm Times are tough for Stoops right now and I don't like to see my man down. Between yesterday's practice and his appearance on SEC Film Room right now, the Cats' coach needs some happiness in his life. Here's to hoping we see a big Stoops smile Saturday night after he beats South Carolina for a third straight year. Let's go. You should go to the statue unveiling tonight. Tonight's the night UK unveils its statue honoring UK football’s four pioneers of SEC racial integration: Nate Northington, Greg Page, Wilbur Hackett and Houston Hogg. The event will include remarks from President Eli Capilouto, Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart and Nate Northington, and it's open to the public. If you'd like to attend, and you really should because this is bigger than any football game, the event is open to the public and scheduled to begin at 7 pm. I highly encourage you to attend. Kentucky will NOT be a part of the Phil Knight Basketball Invitational. It was pretty surprising to see Kentucky was not among the participants in Nike's massive basketball tournament over Thanksgiving weekend in the 2017-18 season. The Cats had been mentioned as one of the teams from the very beginning, it was not one of the 16 Nike-sponsored schools that will fly out to Portland for the two eight-team tournaments. The absence is likely because Coach Cal has never liked the early season invitationals and Cal doesn't do what Cal doesn't want to do, although he tweeted it is because of a scheduling conflict. The 16 teams in the "best college basketball tournament ever" are: Arkansas, Butler, Connecticut, Duke, Florida, Georgetown, Gonzaga, Michigan State, North Carolina, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oregon, Portland, Portland State, Stanford and Texas. Rupp Arena teased a new basketball court. It looks like there will be a subtle checkerboard around the new court: [gallery columns="2" link="file" size="medium" ids="207612,207590"] Thoughts? To me it seems most fans HATE the checkerboard. Lexington "Walk To Defeat ALS" this Saturday. The ALS Association Kentucky Chapter will stage the 15th annual “Walk to Defeat ALS” on Saturday, September 24th , 2016 at Rupp Arena. Registration and morning festivities begin at 8:30 a.m. with the Walk at 10 a.m.  The Walk to Defeat ALS is open to the public with all funds raised going to The ALS Association Kentucky Chapter, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping ALS patients and families affected by ALS while fighting to find the cause and cure of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. For more information: I will leave you with Drake in Alabama gear as I go make breakfast.

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