North Carolina hit with regret epidemic

Thomas Beisnerover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
john-wall-si John Wall, Kentucky hero and legend in the making.  If you're a basketball fan in the state of North Carolina, there's likely no phrase more likely to make your stomach turn these days.  North Carolina is struggling heavily in their conference games thanks to poor guard play and Duke, though not having a terrible season, is plagued by lack of depth in the backcourt.  In any year, their fans would be troubled.  But, in a year where the kid from their back yard has ascended to the top of the college basketball world, it becomes downright painful. For those fans hoping to avoid the subject, the Charlotte Observer offers a quick punch to the gut today with a look back at Wall's recruitment and how he got out of the state.  As, we're all familiar, Wall's mom was an NC State fan, Duke went after him hard and he (or Brian Clifton)  had a contentious relationship with Roy Williams.  As a die-hard UK fan, you're probably familiar with most of this, but it's as good of time as any to gloat and look back. My favorite part of the story, though, is this line from a Duke coach who I assume was a bit irritated when asked about John Wall's play for the Cats...
"I don't talk about friends that I didn't have or women that I didn't marry," Krzyzewski said this week. "So I don't talk about players that I don't coach."
Before we continue, are we supposed to stop talking about all the women before our wives?  I think I missed that in the marriage handbook (just kidding if you're reading this).  Anyway, the paper continues to rub salt in the wound and offers these two hypotheticals: What if Wall was at UNC? What if Wall was at Duke? Although these are slightly different than the hypothetical "What if Sheray Thomas had gone to Dayton or Richmond?" questions I used to ask myself, I see where they're coming from.  And I love it. Go Cats.

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