North Hardin Defeats Frederick Douglass 19-17 with Improbable Last-Second Field Goal

Nick Roushabout 1 year


Aritcle written by:Nick RoushNick Roush


In a game filled with stars, North Hardin running back La'Vell Wright shined brightest when it matter most. Trailing by one point with the clock running in the final minute of the season-opening showcase, North Hardin was on the ropes at Frederick Douglass. Facing pressure on third and long, the Trojans' quarterback flicked the ball to Wright. The UK commit turned nothing into something, powering through opponents 20 yards down the field inside the 10-yard line. Wright's heroics setup a potential 25-yard game-winning field goal. As was the case for the entire game, the play was filled with dramatics. The snap was so low it skipped across the turf, but holder Cam Smith successfully corralled the ball, giving left-footed kicker Cayden Logsdon just enough time to kick a high can-o-corn through the uprights. North Hardin out-lasted Frederick Douglass 19-17 in the heavyweight bout that started slow, yet featured theatrics throughout. North Hardin kicked two onside kicks, successfully recovering one, Jager Burton rushed in a two-point conversion, Wright completed a 50-yard halfback pass, there was a safety and a pick six. Pure, unfiltered insanity. It was a beautiful way to start the high school football season. If the first Kroger KSR Game of the Week is anything like the rest of them, we're in for a real treat this fall.

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