Notes from Tuesday's Practice

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[caption id="attachment_118446" align="alignnone" width="500"] Sweat was disappointed after the loss, but is eager to continue to make big plays on the field.[/caption] - Rick Minter talked about Florida's ability to run the football. They lead the SEC in rushing while doing it in many different ways. They primarily rely on a WKU-type power game up the middle but force the Defensive Ends to stay honest by running jet sweeps with their quick receivers. Their Wildcat formation also produces a lot of yards and big plays, scoring an 80 yarder out of the formation last week against Tennessee.   - Minter believed that Taylor Wyndham has done well at his new hybrid position, despite being a traditional 4-3 defensive end. In coverage he performed well, almost intercepting a flare late in the game that could have won it for the Cats, "if only he had a different vertical".   - Minter also said that the players have not felt the bad-loss hangover that many would expect. "I think coaches drool over the past more than players; by midnight the players are moving on. We want it to hurt [for them] when you lose because you invested everything into the game, but at the same token the sun comes up the next day, you got to be able to put it behind you and move on to the next week."   - When your offense turns it over 4 times in a game, the defense needs to able to chip in as well. They have only forced 3 turnovers in the first 3 weeks, with much of that having to do with the way teams have played them. WKU ran the ball 51 times and kept their passing game close to the line of scrimmage, limiting turnover opportunities when the ball is in the air deep down the field. It all starts and ends with stopping the run.   - Injury report: CoShik Williams participated but was once again limited in practice today.   - Demarcus Sweat has moved up on the depth chart and is beginning to feel comfortable with the offense, which is translating to more touches during games for Sweat. "After you've been on the field, you want to be on there as much as possible." Sweat said that he feels he has everything down, it's only a matter of making sure he is in the right formation every time.   - Demarcus Sweat is rarely called Demarcus. 'Keith' Sweat is what his teammates prefer to call him.   - It's easy to compare the loss to WKU to the loss in 2004 at Commonwealth vs. Ohio. Andre Woodson sees it, but notes that the offense is much more explosive this year than in 2004. "I didn't think the offense was really good at all, especially the fact that they were playing me."   - Woodson was very pleased with the way Max responded after throwing 3 early interceptions, despite his exceptional play early in the season. "He focused on what we needed him to do and he communicated well with the sideline. He still showed confidence and his competitive side that had the rest of the guys eager to continue competing, giving us a shot to get back in the game and actually come away with a win. "  

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