Now we can make fun of Colin Cowherd's sitcom even more

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 10 years


colincowherd Yeah, I can tell you'd never admit you try, Colin. The fine folks over at Deadspin have come across a copy of the first episode of "Herd Mentality," CBS' upcoming Colin Cowherd-based "relationship" sitcom. And it's bad. The main character, Nick Herd (aka FakeColin) does a radio show with a "thirtyish, tall and sexy" co-host, Casey (aka FakeMichelleBeadle) about sports and life. Insert lots and lots of not-even-clever sophomoric humor about boobs and butts. The description of Nick is my favorite part because clearly Cowherd wrote it, and in my head, it took him several angsty drafts to get it right: herdmetality1 Check it out if you want a laugh. Maybe if it makes to production and heaven help us, a second episode, we will be treated to an appearance by FakeJohnWall.

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