NY Post: Jared Lorenzen's dad on Eli Manning's impact

Drew Franklinabout 2 years


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Joe Lorenzen, the father of Jared Lorenzen, spoke briefly to The New York Post about his son's relationship with Eli Manning and what it meant to the Lorenzen family for Manning to attend the funeral in Edgewood, Ky. “It means a lot to our whole family,’’ Joe Lorenzen said. “They’ve been a class act since Day 1. Eli has been great too, just a first-class teammate and friend.’’ It may have been even more meaningful to Tayden Lorenzen, Jared's nine-year-old son, who gravitated toward the NFL QB at the memorial service. Joe Lorenzen said meeting Manning is something his young grandson won't forget. Joe Lorenzen also had this to say about Jared: "He was a really good guy but he was even a better son. He was awesome. I miss him every day. Absolutely every day. If I didn’t have faith, if I knew I wasn’t going to get to see him again, I don’t know if life would be worth going on. So we’re good. We will be together again at some point.’’ [NY Post: Eli Manning’s heartfelt actions move Jared Lorenzen’s dad]

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