O Reilly has his own police force

by:Matt Jones03/30/06
I know that most of you beg me not to talk politics on this website. The Turkey Hunter once told me that if he ever had to sit through another political discussion with me and another person, he might hit me in the head with a frying pan. But nevertheless, I couldnt pass this one up....and it involves Keith Olbermann, who used to do sports....so there is the hook. A caller to O Reilly's radio show mentioned Olbermann's name....thats it, mentioned his name and O Reilly threatened to turn him over to the "Fox Security" who would then turn his name over to the local police where he would be "dealt with accordingly." The whole affair is discussed here, including a video of Olbermann's response the next night. As many of you know, I hate O Reilly, but I enjoy when it looks like, as here, that he is losing it. When famous people lose it, a la Farrah Fawcett, Sharon Stone or Billy Packer, that is one of my favorite past times. O Reilly and his falafel/loofah did not get his comeuppance that he so richly deserves as his settlement of his sexual harrassment suit happened just days before the 2004 election. Its coming Bill....and I guarantee it will be funny. There I am done....back to more goofy stories....like Tubby to Oklahoma.

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