Obama Goes Conservative - With His Bracket

Will Lentzover 10 years


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For some odd reason, it has become tradition for the media to cover what Barack Obama picks in his bracket every March – and to date, he has yet to pick an interesting one.  Like years past, Obama went a mainly chalk bracket with the eventual winner being Kansas. In fact, my count has it at Obama picking only picking 5 teams seeded two or below their opponent to win for the entire tournament.  Nothing wrong with that and as the President you probably don’t want to look like you spent too much time on your bracket and not the real problems going on.  But I would like to see him go out on a limb and pick something crazy every once and a while.  Come on POTUS, give me a Bucknell in the Final Four – give us something to talk about.

And for all those wanting to know, as you might expect, Obama picked Kentucky to lose to Ohio State in the sweet sixteen.

Now let’s just hope he’s as wrong about his bracket as he is about his policies for America. *trollface*

Politics fight – GO!

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