Odds! We Got'cha Derby Odds! Right here!

Odds! We Got'cha Derby Odds! Right here!

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Aritcle written by:Corey NicholsCorey Nichols
My money's on a horse to win. If you're reading this, odds are you didn't make it to Churchill Downs today for the 138th running of the Kentucky Derby, which is the world's greatest two minutes of afternoon action that's not immediately followed by a nap from whoever finishes first.  If you're a casual better, or have your own bookie, Derby betting can be a fun, hopefully responsible, excursion into the gambling world without the hassle of going to Vegas, or a boat.  Even if you don't want to put any money on the line, bragging rights for correct answers last all year. So below are your odds for this iteration of the Derby, ranked best-to-worst.  If you want to throw some money down in your family/office/friends pool, use the following information wisely.  Or ignore it completely and draw out of a hat.  It's basically a crapshoot either way.  My completely insane and factually-baseless top three picks are in bold.  I like the names.   [Pole Position] [Horse Name] - [Odds] 4 Union Rags - 9/2 6 Bodemeister - 7/1 (1) 15 Gemologist - 8/1 3 Take Charge Indy* - 10/1 5 Dullahan - 10/1 8 Creative Cause - 11/1 10 Daddy Nose Best - 12/1 19 I'll Have Another - 12/1 14 Hansen - 13/1 11 Alpha - 21/1 (3) 1 Daddy Long Legs - 23/1 16 El Padrino - 26/1 13 Went the Day Well - 26/1 17 Done Talking -31/1 18 Sabercat - 33/1 (2) 7 Rousing Sermon - 35/1 2 Optimizer - 36/1 9 Trinniberg - 39/1 20 Liaison - 53/1 12 Prospective - 59/1 21 My Adonis - Scratch *It's worth noting that Take Charge Indy is jockeyed by Calvin Borel, winner of three Kentucky Derby races in the last five years. He's not bad.

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