Officially "Amile Jefferson Day"

Officially "Amile Jefferson Day"

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Aritcle written by:Corey NicholsCorey Nichols
  Well, after months of searching, I finally found Drew Franklin's perfect restaurant vacation spot workspace.  If anything happens over the next couple weeks and we can't find him, I know the first place I'm looking.  And it's not behind the fake ficus tree in Kate Upton's dressing room this time. The big news for today is Amile Jefferson's announcement at 4 p.m., which we'll have for you as soon as humanly possible.  It's always a big day when a recruit decides, and this is no exception.  However, from an objective standpoint, the prospects for landing the elite forward out of Pennsylvania look pretty dim.  Adam Zagoria says that, unfortunately, Amile is likely to pick either Duke or N.C. State. But have Kentucky fans lost hope?  Of course not.  On the very same page that says multiple sources believe Jefferson is headed to the ACC, there was a poll asking readers which school they thought he would attend.  The results?  Less than surprising: I'm convinced that if everything in life was decided by internet polls, Kentucky would rule the entire world.  Well, except CollegeGameday.  That one, uh, sort of slipped by us.  Everything else, though, we've got on lock. But regardless of the outlook for Mr. Jefferson, we have to be hopeful.  Not only hopeful that Calipari can pull a last-minute sneakaroo and nab a talented capstone for an already great class, but also hopeful that, should that not work out, next year's team will be just fine regardless. So while today will still be a refreshing kind of day (in the "F5" sense, not the "internet and tacos by the beach" sense), I won't be needing my Tums.  If there's one thing Calipari's brought back to Kentucky... well, it's being national champions.  But if there are two things he's brought back, the second of those is peace of mind.  I'd love to see Jefferson throw on a UK hat, but even if he doesn't, I'm still confident we'll have a great team.   That doesn't mean I won't be checking my Twitter all day long, though.  More at four!  Stick around all day, we'll give you updates as we hear them.

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