Officially on the Olympic 'Gay'dar

Officially on the Olympic 'Gay'dar

John Dubyaover 14 years


Article written by:John DubyaJohn Dubya As Mosley peerlessly alluded to yesterday, Lexington native Tyson Gay is well on his way to becoming a national hero on the international stage. The track-n-field star routed foes in the 100m Friday at the AT&T USA Track and Field Championships in Indy, and mirrored his dominance today in the 200m, running the second fastest time EVER for the distance and easily disposing his rivals. With the gilded Nike's of Michael Johnson now a mere relic, the "And1 Mixtape" panache of Maurice Green all but used up, and Justin Gatlin's urine tainted, Gay is poised to become Team America's next great Olympic icon next summer in China---assuming of course, he stays healthy. I mean, he's still being coached by a guy in the clink for embezzlement, what more could the media ask for? Think about this possibility: Tyson Gay crossing the finish line for his 2nd Olympic gold medal of the games, with fellow Lexingtonian Tom Hammond on the mic. It'll be a day of celebration in the traffic congested, under-construction streets of Lexington, no doubt, and a true testament to the city's far-reaching dexterity not realized since Ernest Goes to Jail.

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