Officially the low point for UK fandom

Matt Jonesabout 15 years


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As those who know me well can attest....I am rarely left speechless. This time I am. Here is a song written by the guy above who believes Tubby cant coach. You know what they say, you can sometimes tell the worth of a man by those who criticize him. Well if so, Tubby is on top of the world. Un-freakin-believable. Here is an interview with the artist "Oh Napier" where he gives the origin of the name "Oh" and tells us why he doesnt play live: "As of now I like it right here in my kitchen, frezzer full of plenty to drink, two carton cigerettes and a pretty lady laying in the bed. Now why would I want to leave home?" Finally, here is a link to his other songs, which includes "Granny Get Your Clothes On".... a song that was inspired because: "I was singing on WJSN radio and mad at my guitar as me and the guitar was Not in tune so I just started beating it to death and this is the results. Needless to say, I got kicked off the radio station too. I had recently got an email from a girl over around the Buckhorn Lake area and I was singing to her." Yes Kentucky, these are our fans.

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