Oh, beehave! DUI crash leads to bee attack

Ricki Barkerabout 5 years


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[caption id="attachment_203760" align="aligncenter" width="533"](Image via WYMT) (Image via WYMT)[/caption] In case you missed it, two people who were driving under the influence in Laurel County got an unBEElievable surprise Tuesday night when they crashed their car and were attacked by bees from a disturbed hive. And, luckily for us, Gary Lee Anderson of Patton Spur Road was there to witness it and explain to WYMT exactly what happened on his road that night. According to WYMT's report, Anderson had just finished feeding his chickens when he walked back to his house to get his phone so he could play a game on it (Pokémon Go, anyone?). Anderson then heard what he called a "big boom" and looked out his door to see the electric pole fall and a car flipped over in his fence. Anderson then goes on to say that two people, later identified as Noah Elkins, 36, of East Bernstadt, and Priscilla Simpson, 35, of Dry Ridge, got out of the car "screaming and squalling, and running around about like a chicken with its head cut off." Which I totally take him at his word, because the guy has chickens and would definitely know what that would look like, being an Eastern Kentucky man and all. According to Anderson, the couple then started running up the road to his house where they grabbed his water hose in an attempt to fight off the bees. Anderson told WYMT that he thought the people were high and told them to get out of his water - he didn't realize they were under attack by vicious honeymakers. Investigators confirmed Anderson's suspicion of the pair being high, when Simpson told deputies later that she and Elkins had taken several drugs, including Suboxone, neurotin and Klonopin. With a cocktail like that, it's amazing they felt the stings at all. According to WYMT, Elkins was cited for driving under the influence, a well as other traffic violations and Simpson was charged with public intoxication. Anderson was also stung during the incident but said he hoped the two had learned their lesson about driving impaired on his road. If only the two had BEE-haved they wouldn't have faced the wrath of the beehive. But, seriously, props to Anderson for his story-telling ability. Nobody tells a good story like an Eastern Kentuckian.

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