Oh no, Georgia is going to murder us

Oh no, Georgia is going to murder us

Thomas Beisnerabout 13 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
Our heroes in blue are already facing an uphill battle this weekend as an angry and talented Georgia football team comes marching into town ready to not only make up for last week's tail-whipping by the Gators, but also to avenge their last effort in Commonwealth. So, the odds are stacked against an already struggling Kentucky squad, but anyone can win on any given Saturday, right? Not this Saturday. Georgia isn't holding anything back when it comes to preparation.  They've reached into the past and kicked the intimidation into high gear. They brought in former wrestler Lex Luger for a pep talk this week. Now, I'm not sure if they got this Lex Luger or this Lex Luger, but I do know they got Lex Luger. And that, my friends, is sure to light the fire under any team. I mean, Mark Richt could have gone and picked up flash-in-the-pan former wrestler and former UGA player Bill Goldberg, but he aimed high and brought in the Narcissist.  That's trouble. In related news, Rich Brooks would kick his ass.

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