Oh What Could Have Been...

Will Lentzalmost 12 years


Aritcle written by:Will LentzWill Lentz

Mandatory pregame listening for tonight’s game.

As we prepare to wave good riddance to the last memories of the Clyde era, perhaps it’s time to take a look back to what could have been, if things had gone just a bit differently.

-Tonight we could be starting the backcourt combo of Konner ‘Captain Kirk’ Tucker and GJ Vilarino.  Instead of the blistering 34 ppg’s we are getting from Wall and Bledsoe, a quick stat compiling says we would be seeing a total of 6.3 points per game from the vaunted wildcat backcourt.  That is, if Clyde let them shoot.

-Tucker and GJ aren’t the only stars we’re missing out on.  After being labeled the only man that could challenge Patterson, it was finally time to see Matt ‘Practice’ Pilgrim dominate.  The same Beast by the way, who is currently averaging 7/4, compared to Demarcus Cousins who is raking in a steady 15/9.

We would be missing out on the chance to deny all the Gillispie Gone Wild stories.  Did anyone seriously think that sending Gillispie to Cancun was a good idea?  The only possible explanation is that Mitch Barnhart somehow lost a bet to Deadspin when finalizing the schedule for this season.

-Honestly?  It’s unlikely we would be 4-0.  I hate to bring up the ‘last year we would have lost those games’ mentality, but I can think of nothing more appropriate to say when looking at the Miami and Sam Houston games at least.

So what difference does a year make?  Apparently at least 36 points per game.  But alas, while we may still have to play against the ghost of Clyde in the form of an open bar at the entrance and a court that has a mind of it’s own, we’re safely in the hands of Cal, now, and I’m not so worried anymore.  So crack open a Corona, don a sombrero, put a shell to your ear, and enjoy Cals Cats in Cancun.  It’s gonna be a fun one.

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