OJ Mayo wins temporary injunction to play in Cameron Indoor

OJ Mayo wins temporary injunction to play in Cameron Indoor

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
Sometimes the court system has the ability to right aggregious wrongs. For instance, when you think about Huntington High basketball player, OJ Mayo, you likely think of a humble, non-descript kid who could never find his way into any trouble whatsoever. Further, if such a kid were ever to have been said to....oh, I dont know.....get in a fight in a game.....well that couldnt be the case, now could it. Understanding this, a Cabell County Judge has issued an Injunction prohibiting the West Virginia High School Athletic Association from suspending OJ for his game tonight in Cameron Indoor Stadium until his "appeal rights are adjudicated." And you thought there was no justice in America......I am no sage, but I am betting the headline "OJ Has his day in Court" is one we may be seeing again in the next few years. And Rob Gidel.....you are welcome for this shirtless picture of OJ.....

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