It's (Not) A Trap!

Patrick Barkerover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Patrick BarkerPatrick Barker
olemissackbar-400x300 Did you know that the Ole Miss Rebels have been without an on-field mascot since 2003?  That's when the school decided Colonel Reb wasn't exactly PC enough for the 21st century and cut ties.  Now, after 7 years, a new initiative in Oxford seeks to put Admiral Ackbar of Star Wars fame on the sidelines during sporting events.  Sure, it would be easy to choose another member of the Rebellion to be your mascot, but when you have a chance to be represented by a squid-lobster hybrid, you have to do it, right? Realize, Ole Miss isn't changing their nickname from the Rebels, just trying to find a new mascot.  And -get this- early returns have Admiral Ackbar leading the contest, no doubt due in part to Fake Gimel stuffing the ballot box.  Obviously there's a very minute chance of this dream ever being realized, but as the ads say- why take a Colonel when you can have an Admiral?  So here's a question- if all SEC teams had to replace their mascots with characters from Star Wars, what would they be?  I mean, Vandy has to be the Fightin' 3POs, right?  Gold and dorky.  That pretty much sums them up.  And Tennessee?  I'd say UT Fightin' Jabbas because Jabba had a reputation for being a vile gangster.  Any others you can think of?  Let them fly in the comments.  And I would be remiss to not end a post about Admiral Ackbar without including this: ">

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