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Olympic Fever

Matt Jonesover 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
hwaoertuab While basking in the glow of arguably one of the most important football commitments of our lifetime, I have also been watching endless hours of the Olympics. I must say that I am a complete sucker for the Olympic Games and I always have been. It combines my love of random sports, countries and athletes and now has the added benefit of absurd amounts of coverage. Over the past weekend, I have watched the Opening Ceremonies, seen live the USA go 1-2-3 in women's fencing, found myself watching Kentucky's Kenny Rice call something called "Equestrian Dressage" (which is the worst thing I have ever seen), saw a hot Czech woman win Olympic shooting, cheered on Michael Phelps, continued my torrid love affair with Kerri Walsh, marveled at the Simon Cowell-esque announcing of the US Gymnastics color guy, decided that I would be a great team handball star and found myself proud of the attitude of the US basketball team. Not a bad weekend. Beginning tomorrow I have to work, so I cant watch 3,000 hours straight of Olympic coverage....which means I may miss the Judo semifinals that come on this morning live at 3:25 am. Neverthless, I plan on catching as much as possible as Olympic hysteria hits the KSR Compound. Quick note.....Ryan Mossakowski will be on our radio show live at 6:20 PM tomorrow night and we will stream it on this site.....make plans accordingly.

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