The Olympic Opening Ceremonies Drinking Game

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 9 years


I encourage you to try this at home. This afternoon Tonight, the world will turn its eyes to London for the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic games. What, you don't care about the Olympics? You should. Anthony Davis! Phelps vs. Lochte! National Pride! Tiny gymnasts hurling through the air! RACE WALKING for the love of God! Still no? What if I made a drinking game for the Opening Ceremonies for you and your friends? Yeah, thought so. General disclaimer: Drink responsibly, use a designated driver, substitute tea or something innocent and healthy if you're underage, blah blah. The game is pretty self-explanatory, but in case you're a bit slow, here are some rules: - If something on the list happens, drink the corresponding number of sips. - Don't puke on your friend's rug, and if you do, clean it up. Seriously, he just bought that last week and it really compliments the Kate Upton poster above the TV. ONE SIP - British humor doesn’t translate - Flag bearer has traumatic backstory - Reference to Pippa Middleton - Elton John wearing glitter - Someone wearing a bowler hat - Any time someone is called a “legend,” “national hero” or “sensation” - Member of the NBC crew uses a British colloquialism or stereotyped cultural reference (cheers, chap, fish n’ chips, tea and biscuit, etc.) - A Beatles song is performed - Comparison to the Beijing Opening Ceremonies - Creepy Olympic mascot sighting TWO SIPS - A shot of the Queen looking bored - Jamaican with dreadlocks - NBC commentator gets drink spilled on him/her in a crowd shot - The camera catches an athlete on his/her phone - David Beckham sighting THREE SIPS - Farm animal poops on camera - A country has five athletes or less - Any reference to Anthony Davis and/or his unibrow (excuse me, “monobrow”) - Inappropriate comment about an athlete’s hotness (four sips if it’s made by Al Roker) WATERFALL - During the ringing of the world's largest harmonically tuned bell FINISH YOUR DRINK - Performance failure (i.e. prop malfunction, actor falls or forgets line, mysterious artificial rain cloud fails to produce rain) - Torch/Cauldron doesn’t light - Reference to Ann Curry - The Bird Man shows up - Someone turns Paul McCartney’s mic off Feel free to add your own in the comments section. Cheers!

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