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Something about this picture doesn’t quite seem right…

Good morning dear readers!  I hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas, if not a ‘happy holiday.’   After Santa shot down my idea for a personal KSR interview (apparently he was kind of busy last night,) I snuck into his workshop and found a few interesting Christmas lists.  And what kind of fake journalist would I be if I didn’t pass them along to you?

John Clay

-A new Webcam for Ustreaming my liveblogs.  This time I want one with crazy effects I can add!

-An excel list generator, so I don’t have to spend so much time making my own (and then get grumpy when people borrow them!)

-At least one vote in BTI’s favorite blogger contest…

Coach Calipari

-An Undefeated season.

-Alan Culter to stop chasing me around the Joe Craft Facility.

Drew Franklin

Someone, somewhere, to pay me for being funny.

-A bandage for my bloody lip.

-A new liver.

Patrick Barker

-A Louisville T-shirt.

-A job at the United Nations OR a spot on Jersey Shore 2.

John Wall

-A ninja turtle snuggie.

-A shirt with two sleeves, my left arm gets cold during games.

Bobby Knight

-To be relevant again…

Jerry Tipton


-Someone to finally explain to me what the heck a ‘blogosphere’ is.

Let’s hope Santa made it safely to everyone.  From all of us here at Kentucky Sports Radio, to all of you at home, we wish you a  Merry Christmas-slash-whatever!

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