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I know recruiting has become more difficult to follow with the arrival of Cal.  With Tubby it was always ‘set your sights on a couple top twenty five players, slowly watch them get less interested in Kentucky,’ save for the occasional Patterson and class of 2004.  With Billy Gillispie it was ‘check the box scores from JV games, see which eigth grader gets offered next.’  Now with Calipari it almost consists of very little actual following.  More or less it’s ‘look at the top ten players for a class, order your jerseys.

With the huge interest in Kentucky basketball, (as Kline demonstrated yesterday,) it’s tough to get to know recruits on the level that we got to know Patrick Patterson and Jai Lucas.  And that can be a good thing, but it also takes some of the fun out of that area of the off season.  Still, there are names to be known, and Tevor Lacey is just that.

Lacey is a great two guard from Alabama, and Kentucky is thriving because of the Boogie connection.  He would round out a stellar 2011 class (ESPN ranks him at 26,) and is planning a visit to Kentucky later this season.  He’s considering Connecticut, Kansas, and some also-rans.

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