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Throughout the summer we are going to revisit some of the posts of the past to see how far we’ve come as a website and as fans of the Kentucky Wildcats.  Today’s edition of “On This Day In KSR History” comes from July 23, 2008, when GJ Vilarino said Kentucky is a perfect fit for him. ------------ July 23, 2008 GJ Vilarino Loves Cat Fans Matt Jones g_j_-vilarino-777251.jpg Great article by Jody Demling on future Cat GJ Vilarino. Many have openly wondered whether GJ is good enough to play at UK and there have been (and still occasionally are) rumblings that he might not end up there. But as time goes on, his commitment to UK seems stronger and as this quote shows, his appreciation of the program grows: "When I first committed, I don't think I fully understood the magnitude of it," he said. "Now I understand it better. People are going to come after me because I am going to play for the best program in the country, so basically it is just me trying to get better every day. "I love the fans and how they love basketball down there. I think it's a perfect fit for me when I get there." -------------------------- Vilarino spent one year at Gonzaga before transferring to Appalachian State following his freshman 2009-10 season. He averaged 3.8 points per game as a sophomore last year for the Mountaineers.

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