Open Practice Rundown

Hunter Campbellalmost 13 years


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="296" caption="AP photo"]AP photo[/caption] There have been some questions as to the nature of the activities at the open practice in Louisville last night, an event I proudly attended, so I thought I'd give you a few tidbits to munch on before you settle in for today's festivities. The team practiced for only about an hour, so there isn't a whole lot to report but here goes. -Ramon Harris' ability to go through layup lines seemed unimpaired by his injury. Hope to see the Razor back on the floor and nowhere near Michael Porter's face very soon. -DeAndre Liggins was the last into the gym for practice, along with some other stragglers just minutes after the rest of the squad. Liggins cited a renegade shoelace and insufficient fuel for his jetpack as reasons for the tardiness. In reality, he was with the last group out but Coach greeted him with a smile when he got to the floor and he got quite a bit of run with the first team during the drills. Everything seemed normal with our freshman point guard. Toward the end of practice, he had his shot heartily rejected by Jared Carter, so I guess everything wasn't normal. -There was very little down time. The team moved seamlessly from one drill to the next, the coaches were on top of the players at all times and the only time activity stopped was to switch drills or to coach. The players got their rest during drills and seemed focused and intense from start to finish. -A lot of work on short clock situations. Eight seconds and less, fullcourt, halfcourt, lobs, the whole shootin' match. Jodie Meeks took almost all the shots during these drills and he seemed comfortable in that role, and I'm comfortable with him in that role, because he shoots it so purty. -The crowd was fantastic. Although they did cheer or sigh for every shot during the short-clock drills, which eventually got a little absurd because the team took somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 shots (<--That is a total guess at how many shots they took. Felt like 40 though.) That aside, the crowd, like one of Beisner's dates, was large and energetic throughout. I'm not too good with numbers, but I'd guess the fans totaled somewhere around 1,000,000. So there you have it. Just a little bit of business to get you warmed up before the mighty Wildcats move their record to 2-0 against teams called the Mountaineers. My crystal ball tells me there will be a game thread up soon where you can all gather to exchange holiday greetings and recipes opinions on the battle imminent at Freedom Hall. Have a great afternoon.

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