Operation Darius Miller

Operation Darius Miller

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
darius.jpeg See that guy making a poster on the poor little man in the green jersey? If Billy Clyde is smart (and I am fairly certain he is), that man should be the #1 target for Kentucky from here to eternity. Darius Miller of Mason County is not only of the state's best players in a number of years, but he is also one of the nation's best for the Class of 2008. You have to go back a number of years.....maybe even ten years to find as highly touted a player from Kentucky who has chosen to finish his school basketball in the state. Miller has it all, the talent, the shooting ability, the athleticism and the attitude (which separates him from fellow classmate Scotty Hopson) to be a Kentucky prep legend. And if Billy Clyde knows what he is doing, that means he must become priority #1 for UK. I think you can trace back the fall of the artist formerly known as Tubby to the day that Chris Lofton beat Kentucky in Rupp during his sophomore season. At that moment, even the Kentuckian with the least amount of recruiting knowledge said, "well why isnt he on Kentucky?", a point rammed home by Dick Vitale and others at every moment. While there remains a number of good and rational reasons he wasnt recruited, ultimately the best college player the state has produced since Allan Houston is in Knoxville again.....and folks just dont like it. That is why Billy Clyde has to get Darius.....not only for his skills, but for the message it sends. IT says to the world, that Kentucky will own whatever is in the state that is worth having. Billy Donovan and Coach K are giving feelers to Miller, which shows he is a national talent. But Billy Clyde must re-claim the state for now and forever.....and Miller is the start. It is clear he knows this. He is Maysville today and his assistant has told the Mason County coach, "we will live here over the next year." He better. A future Darius Miller commitment is exactly what this program needs to sustain its momentum. For Kentucky fans love great players.....even if they are all from Texas....but they love nothing like an in-state kid who gets to the next level. Darius is that kid......and he needs to do it in blue. Big weekend ahead....come see us tonight at Makers Mark or tomorrow at Keeneland. We will also be at the Derby Classic. Look for reports all weekend long and tune in from 10 AM- 12 Noon tomorrow.....should be fun

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