Oregonian uses picture of Calipari in article about college hoops corruption

Oregonian uses picture of Calipari in article about college hoops corruption

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 2 years


Yesterday, The Oregonian published an expose on T.J. Gassnola, one of the central figures in the college hoops trial, but by looking at the article, you’d think it was about John Calipari.

While Gassnola, a former Adidas bagman turned star witness for the government, is in the picture used by reporters Brad Schmidt and Jeff Manning atop the piece (blurry, side profile, behind Calipari and Derek Kellogg), Calipari is clearly the most recognizable face:

Mercifully, the caption on the website gives some direction as to where Gassnola is in the photo with “basketball royalty,” but Twitter doesn’t allow for that, so Cal’s face is now attached to a story that’s been shared all across social media by Jay Bilas (1.95 million followers), Adam Zagoria (50K followers), and The Oregonian (300K followers).

As Calipari’s daughter Megan tweeted, could they not find a better picture of Gassnola?


Pictures of Gassnola are in short supply (purposefully so, I’m sure) but Sports Law Blog seems to have a nice one:

Photo via Sports Law Blog

SportsGossip.com even had the decency to put an arrow pointing at Gassnola in this picture:

At the very least, The Oregonian could have done that, or put a big circle around Gassnola’s head. Or, use a photo of Rick Pitino, who was fired as a result of the scandal, or Bill Self, who’s been linked to it multiple times. Or, just use a stock photo of an Adidas basketball. But, that wouldn’t get as many clicks, right?

All former Cat Wenyen Gabriel could do was laugh.

As you might expect, Erin Calipari is also putting the decision to use the photo featuring her dad on blast, even going back and forth with Jay Bilas over it:

Bilas already has his hands full with Erin and Megan, but when Ellen finds out, he’s toast. Fire coming to Instagram in 3…2…1…


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