Orton Press Conference: Quotes and Pics

Orton Press Conference: Quotes and Pics

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Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
cimg0810.JPG I just returned from the Daniel Orton Press Conference at the Hyatt where he announced his intention to sign with Kentucky. There were about 40 fans in attendance, along with players Patrick Patterson, Razor Ramon, Jared Carter, Michael Porter, Josh Harrellson, Mark Krebs, Matt Schnerbenske, Buddy Halcell and Dwight Perry. Below you will see some of his comments and pictures from the event: On his decision: I decided two nights ago that I would be coming when Caoch Self told me they were going to stop recruiting me. Then I went to Madness and the fans sealed the deal.....Self thought I would really be upset when he told me, but it didnt bother me at all. On his relationship with the team: The guyss treated me like one of their own. They acted as if I was already on the team. On the UK fans: The attention has been a bit overwhelming. I am used to just being Big O's son usually, but I feel like I have made a name for myself recently. On the press conference: I didnt expect this many people. But it shows how many people know and love Kentucky. On the other UK recruits: Dominque Ferguson is a great player and will be a great addition to the UK family. I also GJ Vilarino really well. We played together this year and he has great agility, speed and quickness. I would get the rebound and outlet the ball and he was already down the court. I like playing with him. On whether he expects to play with Patterson and how long he thinks he will be in school: That is Patrick's decision and I cant speculate what that will be.....People tell me I will play 1 or 2 years, but it depends on how everything goes. You never know what will happen. On where he ranks in the Class of 2009 in his mind: Pretty high up there....and that is all I will say about that. All in all, Daniel Orton appears to be a great kid. Very soft spoken and courteous, he won everyone in the room over with his answers. It is clear that Patrick Patterson played a big role in his commitment and when Orton walked in, Patterson said really loudly, "look its Daniel Orton!", which the other players loved. You got to give it up for Patrick as his role in this commitment may have been the biggest factor. Today at the Hyatt was a big day for the program and Orton will be a key player for the future. Overall a great day, making up for some of the negativity of the football game yesterday. Some pictures from the event: Patterson and Carter watch on: cimg0811.JPG The murderer's row of reporters: cimg0812.JPG Fans in the Crowd: cimg0814.JPG More Players: cimg0821.JPG Harrellson, Turtle, Orton's mom and Martin Newton: cimg0822.JPG Orton up tall: cimg0824.JPG Orton and Family cimg0826.JPG

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