Our Founding Fathers and Fox News

Matt Jones06/18/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
For some reason, sports depressed me today. Whether it was Kentucky losing another recruit, the United States getting royally screwed by some Uruguayan referees or watching Phil Mickelson with his goofy smile and mini-mullet, sports were just frustrating. So I did what you folks should do, and turned to the books. One of the books I am reading is called "America's Gospel" by John Meachem and concerns the role of religion for the founding fathers. Now I know that is profoundly unfunny, but what is not is this site which showcases how Fox News might have covered the Revolutionary War. It is done by Cracked Magazine, a publication that I didnt know still existed as the last time I ever saw it on the newsstands was at the Middlesboro Piggly Wiggly in 1989. Lots of good stuff on there, but my three favorite fake headlines are "Tea, Crumpets top national food poll", "Strom Thurmond campaigns in South Carolina" and "New Jersey, York and Hampshire dont hold up to originals."

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