Our Man: Kenny SKY Walker!!!!

Our Man: Kenny SKY Walker!!!!

Matt Jonesalmost 15 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
So I was doing a little web surfing the other day, looking for former Kentucky players to see what they are up to. I was trying to find guys who might be interested in doing some commenting/radio for the Kentucky Sports Radio site. I of course found Ravi Moss (who I think will be amazing) and then a couple more former Cat greats to introduce later in the year. We broke the news that Ravi was coming to join Kentucky Sports Radio, and all were happy. Then, like a flash from the sky, other former UK greats began joining UK websites. Kenny "Sky" Walker joined my good friends at Kentucky Sports Report, and has produced a number of interesting early articles. And yesterday, the announcement came down that Kyle Macy was joining the folks at Cats Pause. See, the old saying is correct......a rising tide lifts all ships. Kenny Sky Walker is of course one of my all time favorite Cats. I mean come on.....remember the box cut......the dunk contest....the smile.....the racing against the horse? Everything Kenny touched back in the day was gold. And Kenny is also a nice guy, one of the first to give me advice about the whole radio gig (he does the "Kenny and Kenny Show" with Kenny Rice) and providing guidance in the shark-infested waters of UK basketball games. But Kenny is of course a character. And never did I know that more than when I went to his website KennyWalker.com. There is a lot of cool stuff there, from his bio to videos from his old playing days....and then there are the pictures.....oh my, there are the pictures. Apparently Kenny has spent his post-playing days, becoming somewhat of a male model.....and I love it!!!! I mean, I am not saying these pictures are ridiculous.....but well, they are RIDICULOUS!!!! There are so many good ones that I cant do them justice.....so here, for your benefit....the Kenny Walker portfolio: Contemplating: I TAUNT You with My Eyes: You Cant See the Real Me Feel It Baby!

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