Over 300 words in KSR's Twitter monitoring software

Drew Franklinabout 9 years


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At yesterday's KSR Summit at the Hyatt in downtown Lexington, Matt Jones informed all KentuckySportsRadio.com and KSRCollege.com writers that their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, MySpace, Pinterest, tumblr, Napster, eHarmony, Linkedin, AOL and Yahoo! Instant Messenger, and Friendster accounts will be monitored for keywords that could be damaging to their careers and the growth of the KSR brand as a whole. The news didn't come easy to many of the young aspiring writers, but after a brief group discussion on the system's benefits, everyone agreed to sign the contract and hand over their iPhones, Galaxies, and Droids for installation. Like the Centrix and UDiligence systems at UK and UofL, KSR's SirVeillance monitoring system searches for hundreds of flagged words and then sends an e-mail to Hubby, the site's co-owner. Hubby will then decide if punishment is necessary. Punishments range from social media bans and suspensions to Chinese water torture or The Bachelorette marathons with Matt. Here are some of the keywords and phrases, according to the list that was passed around at yesterday's meeting: Barack Obama Mitt Romney liberal conservative Republican Democrat gun control Herald Leader Maggard Mexican comedy club Merrick Inn Brassow I miss Matt Pilgrim Taylor Swift Go Cards #L1C4 grundle atlas website design Gardner Webb journalism facts McClintock University of Jodie Meeks Go Cards Siva's progression Good ol' Rocky Top Pop Tarts panties Samantha Ryan hot yoga Joel Pett Spicy buffalo Wheat Thins Vilarino banana hammock Can you think of any keywords KSR should add to its social media monitoring software?

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