Pac-12 follows Big Ten's lead, cancels fall football

Pac-12 follows Big Ten's lead, cancels fall football

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Two down, three to go? Multiple outlets are reporting that the Pac-12 will follow the Big Ten’s lead in canceling the fall football season, with hopes to play in the spring. A formal announcement is expected at 4:30 p.m. ET.

Despite some backpedaling yesterday, the news is expected. Over the weekend, word broke that the Big Ten and Pac-12 were leaning towards canceling the season due to COVID-19 concerns, specifically new information regarding myocarditis, a heart condition that can develop in those who have had the virus. After backlash from coaches, players, and fans on Monday, there was some hope that the two conferences would simply delay the start of the season, but now, it appears they’ll be doing that until the spring, and even then, the concept of playing two seasons in eight months is very unlikely.

That leaves the ACC, the Big 12, and the SEC with decisions left to make. Based on reports from the past 24 hours, the SEC and ACC want to keep moving forward with the fall season, while the Big 12 is on the fence. This morning, SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey told Dan Patrick that the league will not be affected by the decisions of others.

“We’ve obviously had conversations among colleagues, so you have a sense of what may happen. It is information for us. That’s what it is. I’ve said to you in my monthly appearances, everyday we learn a little bit more and it is not simply going to be a guiding moment if another conference makes this decision, but a piece of information along this really, really interesting journey.”

Cross your fingers and stay tuned…

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